Milos Itic | 2022

Location: Europe | Freelance
Possible Positions: Film Director, Editor (Video, Audio), DOP (Director of Photography), Actor, Cameraman, Script Writer, Casting Director, Set Design, Location Manager, Producer, SEO, Adwords, Photography, Marketing, Coordinator…
Status: Avaiable for Work
Education: Graduate Student | Master Degree


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Director | Editing | Location Scouting | Audio Recording | Sound Recording | Casting Manager | Assistant | Budgeting | Scheduling | Producing | Renting | Filmmaking | Film Crew | Europe | Art Production | Independent Feature Films | Art | Poetry | Literature | Design | Paintings | Composing | Catering | Book Design | Football Scouting | Game Developing | Broadcasting | Content Writer | Executive Producer | Line Producer | Production Manager | Unit Manager | Production Coordinator | Post Production Supervisor | Stunt Coordinator | SEO | Web Design | Keywords Analysis | Research


My Style and Form, screenshots of my films:


Reel – Film Director

Reel – Location Manager

Reel – Casting Director

Reel – Set Design

Reel – DOP

Reel – Cameraman

Reel – Editing

Reel – Acting


Organization Skills:
Festival Organizer – Filmski Susreti Nis (Niški Kulturni Centar – NKC)
Host and Press – Nisville Jazz Festival (
Concert Assistant (Plan, organize and run concerts)
Event Manager (responsible for organizing various events)
Manager (conferences, exhibitions, product launches, fundraising events, festivals and parties)
International Film Festival Organizer

Highway Kind

Highway Kind

“My name, it means nothing
My fortune is less
My future is shrouded in dark wilderness”

Synopsis: Man wonder without plan through random rural devastated places in search for casual conversations with somebody

✘ Road Movie ✘ Feature ✘ Fiction ✘ Documentary Form ✘ Shooting in 2021

Open Positions:

Actors (Serbia)
Cameraman’s (Serbia)

Home based:
Producers (Few)
Coordinator (1)