Highway Kind

Feature Film

“My name, it means nothing
My fortune is less
My future is shrouded in dark wilderness”

Synopsis: Man wonder without plan through random rural devastated places in search for casual conversations with somebody

✘ Road Movie ✘ Feature ✘ Fiction ✘ Documentary Form ✘ Shooting in 2021

Open Positions:

Actors (Serbia)
Cameraman’s (Serbia)

Home based:
Producers (Few)
Coordinator (1)


1 Comment Highway Kind

  1. Jovana

    Ćao,Miloše, ovde Jovana, upoznali smo se na Kustendorfu pre desetak godina.Zainteresovana sam da radim sa tobom, imam iskustvo u koordinaciji i izvršnoj produkciji.
    Moj kontak tel je…


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