Hotel off-the-track

Title: Hotel off-the-track

Tagline: Forward Turning Back

Hotel off the track

Synopsis (Story-line): Man wandering through the forest, several hours,  in a stormy night. Finally, he saw an old hotel in the middle of nowhere. Man signs in, for a night stand. Not many guests. Couple hours later, he met one young writer from the hotel, who tried to convince him that this hotel actually doesn’t exist. Tomorrow morning, when he heard rumors about the beauty of one female hotel guest, he change decision to stay

Director: Milos Itic

Casting: Thomas Raft, Pontus Olgrim, Mirja Oksanen, Nike Maria Vassil, Adam Weldrick…

Status: Pre-Production

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Psychological Drama

Filming Locations: Denmark, Serbia, Portugal


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Forest from film Milos Itic

Man runs. He is walking fast through the forest. His clothes are dirty and looks like a week old. So desperate, in searching, for something. He looks a little bit insane. His eyes, very tired. Body waiting for the sleep. Mind empty. No hopes. No wishes. Storm. Lightning. Thunder. Deep in the Wood. Alone. Night. Almost no light. He still wandering, searching for the place to hide. In this chaos of rain, he finally see the light, color of yellow, breathing in the distance. He runs toward light. Breathing heavily. The old hotel stood like living object in front of him. He goes straight ahead…


Length: Feature
Color: B&W
Forms: Narrative Fiction, Feature
Genres: Alternative, Avant-garde, Neo-noir, Independent, Magical Realism, Art, Mystery
Director: Milos Itic 

ColorFall-Film by Milos Itic

Tagline: Never let anyone in

Synopsis: Man, with a bitter drive, ironically, lives completely different then others. Inside his realm he is alone. But things are gonna change when he meets a female antisocial painter.

After Hours River

The Night. The Silent Town. The Godforsaken rain. The Wind intensifies. The Storm approaches…

An old crumbling house stands abandoned below the forest. Small windows and a large backyard. Inside, two large rooms with a staircase leading to the upper floor and another door, which leads somewhere else.

Visitors from the unknown, one by one, enter this square room with a round table in its center.

milos itic film poker

Who are they?

How are they connected?

What is the nature of their connection?

Why do they play?

What is their game?

Who will win?

What will happen once the game ends?

Girl play poker in dark night

1st char. Eliot T. Morgan – Man from the community. Fat. Cheerful. Comes from a large family.

2nd char. Latischa Gomez – Lost Girl. Stray. A sorrow child. User of different kinds of opiates.

3rd char. Alexander Daecher – Former military personnel. Calm. Strong.

4th char. Hoda Norberg – Sweet girl from the neighborhood.

5th char. Gustavo Benevento – Priest who stands for God and faith.

6th char. Ivona Antunovic – Careerist.

7th char. Benedykt Kozlowski – Confused artist. Writer and painter.

8th char. Edith Dubeau – Mystic woman with strange ideals.


They know very little of each other, but they are certain of one thing – they have to win. The one who loses disappears from the table and is forgotten. Only one can take hold of the victory.

The Topic: Eight people, eight archetypes of modern society. You can notice them on any street, in any town or country.

The Idea: Describing an unusual setting in a surreal environment by means of combining linear and nonlinear forms. Unique work of video art exploring the depths of experimental cinema. What are the greatest passions and the gravest misconceptions?

The tempestuous wind is sweeping, everywhere breeding melancholy, resembling an engine running a carousel of lost souls. The Day comes to say farewell.

A group of people is in an empty house.

Raindrops start pounding the roof above their heads, beating against the windowsills.

Eight players gather around the table swarmed with cards. They know the rules of the game. What they don’t know is each other.

Texas Hold ’em is the game.

The game starts.

It’s been coming slowly to a full boil in their minds.

The house is melting.

One by one, they disappear.

Is there any compassion within the walls?

Room Models:



Year: 2013

Status: Finished


Title: Etum
Production Year: 2013
Country of Production: Serbia
Length: Feature
Color: Color + B&W
Forms: Experimental, Narrative Fiction, Feature
Genres: Alternative, Drama, Underground, Avant-garde, Neo-noir, Independent, Magical Realism, Surreal, Reality, Art, Mystery
Original Language: English
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 88 minutes
Screening Format: Blu-ray
Sound: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Director: Milos Itic
Cast: Theodore Bouloukos, Tanja Puac, Milos Itic, Milan Miladinovic, Milena Milenkovic, Rade Stanisavljevic, Olgica Mickic i Milica Todorovic