Hotel off-the-track

Title: Hotel off-the-track

Tagline: Forward Turning Back

Hotel off the track

Synopsis (Story-line): Man wandering through the forest, several hours,  in a stormy night. Finally, he saw an old hotel in the middle of nowhere. Man signs in, for a night stand. Not many guests. Couple hours later, he met one young writer from the hotel, who tried to convince him that this hotel actually doesn’t exist. Tomorrow morning, when he heard rumors about the beauty of one female hotel guest, he change decision to stay

Director: Milos Itic

Casting: Thomas Raft, Pontus Olgrim, Mirja Oksanen, Nike Maria Vassil, Adam Weldrick…

Status: Pre-Production

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Psychological Drama

Filming Locations: Denmark, Serbia, Portugal


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Forest from film Milos Itic

Man runs. He is walking fast through the forest. His clothes are dirty and looks like a week old. So desperate, in searching, for something. He looks a little bit insane. His eyes, very tired. Body waiting for the sleep. Mind empty. No hopes. No wishes. Storm. Lightning. Thunder. Deep in the Wood. Alone. Night. Almost no light. He still wandering, searching for the place to hide. In this chaos of rain, he finally see the light, color of yellow, breathing in the distance. He runs toward light. Breathing heavily. The old hotel stood like living object in front of him. He goes straight ahead…

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